Alter Eco Americas Organic Chocolate Bar - Dark Velvet - 2.82 oz Bars - Case of 12

$ 52.68
A touch of milk. Melty smooth with a subtle flowery bouquet and honey finish. Experience the best of both worlds: the malty dark fruit depth of our signature Peruvian cacao with the creamy sweetness of whole milk from happy heritage grass-fed cows. A pat of cultured butter keeps the texture silky-smooth without cutting that deliciously dark bite. Velvet is so popular that we offer it in truffles, too. The smooth intensity of Dark Velvet reflects the rainforest from which it hails. Acopagro sits at the edge of the Peruvian Amazon, where the world�s richest soil and the shade of the forest canopy create an ideal environment for native cacao. No Soy, No GMO, No Emulsifiers, No Artificial Flavors, Gluten Free. The outside of this wrapper is FSC certified.

Raw cane sugar, cacao beans, cocoa butter, whole milk powder, butterfat. Single Origin: Peru Cocoa: 47% minimum Organic Ingredients: 100% Fair trade certified ingredients: 88.5%